Ruby Enterprise Edition

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If you are deploying your Rails application to shared hosting solution or a VPS you probably want to be frugal with the amount of resources you are using (indeed this is often the case with other deployment options as well).

One way to reduce the footprint of your application might be to take a look at Phusion’s new Ruby Enterprise Edition. They claim it uses 33% less memory (on average) than vanilla Ruby when used with their recently released mod_rails / Phusion Passenger Apache module.

I hadn’t looked at it yet since the inclusion of “Enterprise” in the name made me assume that this was a (costly) commercial offering – not that working for commercial gain is a bad thing !

However, it turns out the name is misleading since it is, in fact, an open source implementation of the Ruby language with an enhanced garbage collector and improved memory allocator (amongst other features).

Oh, and it can run alongside your existing copy of Ruby if you want to give it a whirl…

Ruby.NET Milestone

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This one is not directly related to deployment (not yet anyway) but is newsworthy in its own right. Curt Hibbs is reporting that the Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler from the Queensland University of Technology is now passing all of the tests in the Ruby installation test suite and most of the tests in the main test directory.

They are now planning more regular – monthly – releasesĀ of the Ruby.NET compiler and have started work onĀ getting Ruby on Rails working. Additionally, they hope to move to a more open source, collaborative development model in the second half of this year.

I am looking forward to the next release of this compiler since their plan is that that version will support two-way interoperability between .NET languages and Ruby !

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