Monday Madness

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Here are a few articles which I have happened across lately which might interest some…

Netbeans 6.0 and Rails Deployment to Linux

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Mark Watson has a write-up over on DevX of his preferred Rails development setup – including an explanation of how he deploys his application from Netbeans on his Macbook to a Linux server running ngnix, memcached and mongrel [since Zed Shaw "went nuclear" in January the mongrel site has gone 404]

Deploying Locally

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Richard Crowley has some useful advice regarding how to develop and deploy on the same box with Capistrano.

RailsConf 2007 Presentations

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Peter Cooper over at RubyInside is pointing to 3 presentations from this year’s US RailsConf. Two of them seem particularly relavent to those interested in Rails deployment – Scaling a Rails Application from the Bottom Up (by Jason Hoffman at Joyent) and a Capistrano Tutorial (by Jamis Buck).

Incidentally, Jamis Buck also has an overview of the new 2.0 Preview release of Capistrano that is worth a read to see what’s coming next.

Talking About a Revolution

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InfoQ have posted an interview with Aaron Batalion of RevolutionHealth – a recently-launched RoR site aimed at helping people have more control over their health and healthcare.

What is interesting from our perspective is that they also have a blog where they are documenting some of the issues they have encountered whilst building a large Rails application and how they have tackled these.

Content Leeching

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No sooner have I started a blog on Rails Deployment than someone is leeching my – albeit limited – content verbatim ! The site in question (recipesworld DOT info in case you are curious) seem to be copying people’s weblog posts without accreditation to their pseudo-blog (to what end I am not sure). Baby Rambutan have a similar complaint. A quick check via a whois lookup seems to suggest that the domain name is owned by someone in Shanghai, China.

If they ever read their own web site then this is a request for them to stop copying other people’s posts !

At least this weblog acknowledges others accomplishments and gives credit where credit is due.

Rails Deployment

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Welcome to Rails Deployment. The plan is to track what is happening in the Ruby on Rails world – particularly stuff relating to the deployment step since I’ve got a feeling there’s plenty to learn here (for me at least).

Since I’m fairly new to Rails, I’ll probably start by highlighting Rails deployment news from others more knowledgeable than myself. However, I am hoping that, as time goes on I’ll perhaps get a chance to try out some deployment ideas myself.

Oh, and since I am new to this (RoR and RoR deployment) I welcome input from others – so feel free to chip in with comments or suggestions !

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