Capistrano at RailsConf 2007

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Although I have already mentioned some of the deployment-related RailsConf presentations, I just noticed that Jamis Buck’s Capistrano presentation is also available on Slideshare. Here’s an embedded copy to save you leaving RailsDeployment just yet :-)

Further Dreamhost Deployment Tips

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Leaping Over by Giovanni JL
Further to my earlier round-up of Dreamhost deployment tips, I see that Jason Harrelson has added his own guide to the mix. Entitled Using Capistrano to overcome deployment hurdles on Dreamhost, it looks like a good overview of the process with plenty of detail on the Dreamost peculiarities as they relate to Rails deployment.

RailsConf 2007 Presentations

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Peter Cooper over at RubyInside is pointing to 3 presentations from this year’s US RailsConf. Two of them seem particularly relavent to those interested in Rails deployment – Scaling a Rails Application from the Bottom Up (by Jason Hoffman at Joyent) and a Capistrano Tutorial (by Jamis Buck).

Incidentally, Jamis Buck also has an overview of the new 2.0 Preview release of Capistrano that is worth a read to see what’s coming next.

Rails Virtual Machines

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Chris McAvoy tipped me off that deploying your Rails app to some form of virtual machine is the new meme in the Rails deployment world. He also points to DHH’s request to get thinking about what the ideal Rails VM stack would look like. The follow-up discussion is great with contributions from a variety of experienced Rails deployment experts !

Rails deployment goodies mentioned during the discussions include :-

I was particularly interested in Neil Wilson’s comments in this discussion thread where he suggests waking up a frozen Amazon EC2 image just for a particular customer as and when they need it. As he sees it, this ensures that each customer gets a dedicated Rails application for just as long as they need it and scaling the number of users for each machine typically isn’t an issue.

All in all, Ruby on Rails Stacks looks like a discussion group to watch !

Elastic Rails

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Rubber Band Hands by Jurica G

Steve Odom has put a nice little webcast online. Entitled 7 Easy Steps to Rails Deployment on EC2, it shows how to use his Elastic Rails plugin to deploy to an Amazon EC2 instance (in case you hadn’t guessed from the title)

Automated Rails Deployment with deprec

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There’s a good article over at the Slicehost wiki which explains how to do an automated Rails deployment with the deprec gem and Capistrano.

While you are at it, you might also want to check out Geoffrey Grosenbach’s screencast on setting up a full Rails stack on Ubuntu using deprec. This is a free screencast which will probably whet your appetite for some of the other TopFunky Peepcode screencasts – I’ve just bought a subscription for them myself and hope to work my through a few over the next couple of weeks as time allows (the Capistrano deployment one is probably most relevant to the topic of this weblog).

 And last – but by no means least – I’d recommend Craig Ambrose’s posts on scalable Rails deployment. The comments also lead me to discover a similar setup for Rails, Mongrel and Nginx.

Capistrano Password Tip

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Michael Slater has a handy Capistrano tip over at Technology for Humans.

Chatty Capistrano

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chatty? by ericdege
Snailbyte draw attention to a nice little hack which listens out on a port and then sends any messages on to an IRC channel – where hopefully there’s someone listening.
One suggested use is to watch Capistrano deployments. Get it here.

Dreamhost Deployment

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Here are some links for those using Ruby on Rails with Dreamhost…

Rails Versions and Capistrano

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Mike Clark got to thinking about the different versions of Rails he needs to maintain on his development machine and also on his servers and started worrying about how he might manage all this a bit better. Enter…Capistrano. I’ll let Mike explain – well worth a read I’d say !

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