Rails Deployment with JRuby

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This is slightly old news for some (30 days old to be exact) but I see that Nick Sieger has posted his RailsConf slides on deploying using JRuby. The other mod_rails : Easy Rails Deployment with JRuby gives an overview of what you need to do to convert your existing Rails app to run under JRuby as well as an introduction to Warbler which is a gem which lets you package your Rails application as a WAR file ready for deployment to a Java app server like Glassfish or JBoss.

Nick also has an article on JRuby-Rack with lets you run your Rack-enabled application on a Java application server.

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  1. Robert Reiz Says:

    I just googled for “JRuby deployment” and the most results are showing how to deploy a JRuby App on an J2EE App-Server like Galssfish, JBoss, Tomcat or Jetty.

    But is there a way to deploy JRuby on Passenger or Unicorn?

    I am coming from the J2EE World and I don’t want to return to the dark side. I am glad if I have not to deal with some shitty Java App Servers. I did that long enough to know that it is evil 🙂 Nobody can tell me that Glassfish or JBoss is light weight!

  2. Martin Says:

    I wouldn’t have thought so. As I understood it JRuby is Ruby implemented in Java so it assume it requires some form of Java AppServer to run. Of course there are now a number of other Ruby implementations to chose from instead – native Ruby, Rubinius etc – so you shouldn’t be stuck unless you need JRuby for some other reason.

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