Capistrano Bells

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Bells by Ezra Casteel
Pat Nakajima over at DevThatWeb has put together a new plugin called Capistrano Bells. It is a set of Capistrano recipes which does many of the things that the deprec gem does (Pat created a new plugin since deprec doesn’t yet work with Capistrano 2.0).

Capistrano 2.0

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Graeme Mathieson over at Notes from a Messy Desk has written up a good summary of Jamis Buck’s tutorial on Harnessing Capistrano. It’s late so I can’t digest it all just now but it looks like it is worth a read (and don’t forget to read the comments to his article for a few extra tips from the folks at 37Signals :-) )

Capistrano Collation of Release Notes

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Countdown to Mail Time by *B.G. Lewandowski*

Dan Glegg over at Angry Amoeba has created a plugin called ReleaseNotifier. This collects the relevant commit messages for the code you are currently deploying and e-mails a summary to whoever you think might be interested. It sounds like a good way to document what changes actually went into the deployed application.

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