Capistrano Password Tip

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Michael Slater has a handy Capistrano tip over at Technology for Humans.

Chatty Capistrano

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chatty? by ericdege
Snailbyte draw attention to a nice little hack which listens out on a port and then sends any messages on to an IRC channel – where hopefully there’s someone listening.
One suggested use is to watch Capistrano deployments. Get it here.

Dreamhost Deployment

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Here are some links for those using Ruby on Rails with Dreamhost…

Rails Versions and Capistrano

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Mike Clark got to thinking about the different versions of Rails he needs to maintain on his development machine and also on his servers and started worrying about how he might manage all this a bit better. Enter…Capistrano. I’ll let Mike explain – well worth a read I’d say !

Talking About a Revolution

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InfoQ have posted an interview with Aaron Batalion of RevolutionHealth – a recently-launched RoR site aimed at helping people have more control over their health and healthcare.

What is interesting from our perspective is that they also have a blog where they are documenting some of the issues they have encountered whilst building a large Rails application and how they have tackled these.

Content Leeching

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No sooner have I started a blog on Rails Deployment than someone is leeching my – albeit limited – content verbatim ! The site in question (recipesworld DOT info in case you are curious) seem to be copying people’s weblog posts without accreditation to their pseudo-blog (to what end I am not sure). Baby Rambutan have a similar complaint. A quick check via a whois lookup seems to suggest that the domain name is owned by someone in Shanghai, China.

If they ever read their own web site then this is a request for them to stop copying other people’s posts !

At least this weblog acknowledges others accomplishments and gives credit where credit is due.

Backup Remote Database then Deploy

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Brandon Keepers over at OpenSoul has published a Capistrano recipe that automatically backs up your remote database before a deploy – just in case those migrations aren’t quite as seemless as you had hoped ! Looks like another Rails weblog worth keeping a close eye on !

Ruby.NET Milestone

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This one is not directly related to deployment (not yet anyway) but is newsworthy in its own right. Curt Hibbs is reporting that the Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler from the Queensland University of Technology is now passing all of the tests in the Ruby installation test suite and most of the tests in the main test directory.

They are now planning more regular – monthly – releases of the Ruby.NET compiler and have started work on getting Ruby on Rails working. Additionally, they hope to move to a more open source, collaborative development model in the second half of this year.

I am looking forward to the next release of this compiler since their plan is that that version will support two-way interoperability between .NET languages and Ruby !

Running Rake Tasks from cron

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MediaTemple have added a few new articles to their knowledge-base. The one which caught my eye explains how to run rake tasks from a cron job. I suspect this might be useful for others to know – even if they aren’t hosted at MediaTemple.

Capistrano on Solaris

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The folks over at Code in Motion have documented some minor changes to the standard Capistrano deployment recipe to allow it to work with Solaris’ container hosting.

I haven’t had a chance to use Solaris yet but I was considering taking a look at it to get a better handle on its capabilities. I was aware of Benelix, which is a LiveCD version of OpenSolaris but I see that the OpenSolaris site lists a number of other distributions too.

There are a number of reasons to be interested in Solaris. For starters, there’s a DVD version of Benelix which includes the Glassfish J2EE Application Server (and NetBeans and a few other things).

Why would this interest Ruby on Rails developers? Well, it turns out that RoR apps can now be deployed to a J2EE server such as Glassfish through the magic of JRuby (which is now well advanced).

Incidentally, Ashish Sahni’s blog seems to include a number of other good posts on the topic Ruby/Glassfish integration (in addition to the one just mentioned).

My other interest in looking at Solaris is to discover a bit more about the containers mentioned above.

Rob Thornton over at InfoQ has also commented on this.

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